Collection of Sample Void Lottery Tickets from all the world

Some lines of history

Global Lottery Collector's Society Club

In 1999, in France we have had Star Wars Lottery Tickets and I have decided to collect french scratched tickets. I didn't know if there have other collectors and I have done some researches on Internet.

On an US marketplace, I bought a big lot of tickets to Valerie Castrianni. Valerie has said me there are Void Lottery Tickets in USA. Since 1999 I collect only Sample Void Lottery Tickets from all the world (S/V tickets in the collector's language). Valerie was also an old member of a US club and since 2000 I am a member of this club : Global Lottery Collector's Society (GLCS #834).

What is a sample void lottery ticket?

Example of sample void lottery tickets

A sample void ticket is a mint ticket with the mention "sample" in different languages (example, in France the mention is "specimen").

This mention can be on the front and/or on the back of the ticket.

Sometimes, there is an hole on the ticket and the number ticket finishes by 00000

Information on the main menu


Regularly I update my website because I have a big collection and I receive tickets every day : you can see all updates.


You can see in photos my collection and my wantlist.


You have information on my very good friends who collect also lottery tickets.


You can contact me. It will be a pleasure to have new contacts.

How I explain a ticket on this website

- It's the number of the ticket

C - I have this ticket in my collection

S - I have the complete set in my collection

x - There are X different tickets in the set

W - I don't have this ticket, I search/need it

D - I have this ticket in duplicate, to trade

Catalogs - Lists - Newsletters

For us collectors, it is very difficult to know if we have all tickets from a lottery or a complete set of tickets without information. It's why some collectors have got catalogs, lists or information on the lottery tickets.

Lotteries & printers : if you have catalogs or lists on your tickets, can you send me it? You will enjoy all collectors with these precious information. Thank you so much for your help.

Kurt Böhmer

My friend Kurt has got catalogs in colours on lottery tickets from :

- Austria

- Luxemburg

- Germany

If you are interested, you can buy these catalogs.

David Vasquez Trujillo

My friend David has got a catalog in colours on lottery tickets from Spain, more exactly on Loteria de Catalunya.

He's a very big collector and he can give you some information on a lot of tickets.

A very good source of information ;-) .


Kurt does a newsletter on the new lottery tickets from Germany.

The last newsletter "2018"is